Who we are

Voice Solutions powered by Spectrio started out as a small business with a big vision: that each brand we touch should be amplified by the sensory marketing services we provide.

Our number one goal is to create lasting impressions alongside meaningful experiences for businesses across the nation and throughout the world.

We have realized this vision for over 13 years through licensed music for business, overhead and on-hold messaging services, digital signage, scent, and more. Since 2004 we have helped hundreds of unique brands, in over 20 unique industries transform brand concepts into feelings, environments, and tangible entities through our sensory marketing services. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative services that are scalable, affordable, and easily integrated into new and existing businesses alike.

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Core Values

Voice Solutions is all about creating experiences. These are the values that shape the way we approach each decision, interaction, and motion we make in creating those experiences. These are the values that set us apart. These are values that make us proud to be who we are.

Every customer means everything to us:

Seriously. We love our clients. Above all, we strive to demonstrate our appreciation, respect and support of our clients through each and every interaction. Every interaction is met with a personable nature, respect, an upbeat attitude, and a drive for optimal client results.

Transparency is a vessel for great results:

Relationships thrive on honesty and we thrive on relationships, so it makes sense that transparency is one of strongest values at the core of who we are. From our partners to our clients we believe that all actions rooted in transparency will bring about honest, real conversations with real, positive results.

Never stop searching, never stop asking questions:

We are an inquisitive bunch. We believe asking questions is vital in finding the best solutions for our clients, and crucial in implementing successful endeavors. We ask questions because we care. Because there is always more to know, and because there is always more to share.

Be real, be humble, be kind, have fun:

We are real people with real passion for real relationships. We're people who care about people. Laughing feels good. So does smiling. So it makes sense that we strive to create an environment that feels good to be a part of, both for our clients and our team members. We take the time to get to know our clients from the very top of the brand, to the individuals behind it. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Team is family:

We spend a lot of time together here. We eat meals together, we share stories, and we share experiences. At the root of all the time we spend together is a respect for the abilities, talents, and personalities that each of us possess. When we share our abilities, we better ourselves and create a stronger foundation from which to serve our clients.

Creative approaches yield savvy results:

It's been said that change is the only constant, and it's a constant we like to embrace. We encourage an open forum for new ideas and unique approaches by fostering a respectful, open-minded environment. Embracing change through creativity with a receptive environment is part of our respect for the team as a family and our total commitment to continuously surpass our client's expectations.


The Team

Real. Upbeat. Clear. Professional.

  • Sandra New
    Sandra Brown

    Managing Founder

  • Dick Brown Voice Solutions
    Dick Brown

    Managing Founder

  • placeholder female

    Business Development

  • Victoria Helland Voice Solutions
    Victoria Helland

    Account Services Coordinator

Sandra 1


Sandra Brown Managing Founder

Sandra is no stranger to adventure. She once went on an African safari… she also founded Voice Solutions.

Sandra is the creator of the Voice Solutions vision. She is also the unifier of team and overseer of policy, process, and finances. Sandra creates meaning and motivation for every single team member through her unique ability to organize and think strategically while employing a humble, human aspect to nearly every interaction. Her motivation and dedication to team makes coming to the office each day an absolutely joy for not only herself, but for the team she supports. Fueled by those around her, Sandra is driven to grow Voice Solutions into one of the premier companies within the business media integration industry.

Dick Brown Voice Solutions


Dick Brown Managing Founder

Resident steel trap, purveyor of wise words, and newfangled idioms, Dick Brown is the backbone and the motivation behind the team at Voice Solutions. His tenacity, and forward-thinking tendencies are fueled by his humbled background and drive to achieve… these are also the tendencies you have to watch out for when battling Dick in a game of cribbage.

Dick believes that every successful company is built around teamwork and has spent the last 10 years building a team of like-minded individuals that truly cares about each individual’s experience. Having successfully launched a company before taking it public, Dick was looking for a new challenge when he started Voice Solutions. In 2004, Dick seized opportunity when noting that major suppliers of business music had been missing significant personal touch when approaching potential clients and created Voice Solutions; built on partnerships, individual experiences, and expertise.

To this day, Dick continues to operate Voice Solutions with the principal goal of delivering exactly what is promised and ensuring that every need is met.

Katie Switras Voice Solutions


Katie Switras Business Development

Katie’s background in American Sign Language sparked her lifelong interest in the widely various ways to communicate. From body language to making wide gestures while storytelling, Katie believes communication connects us all, and sometimes it happens without speaking. Katie strives to understand the underlying thread that inevitably allows us to understand one another. By understanding one another, we allow our minds to connect, and when minds connect, we allow the fluidity of creativity to happen. At Voice Solutions, Katie strategically applies this creativity in the workplace to build client relationships and understand the unique customer needs and goals to align them with our array of sensory marketing solutions. 

Victoria Helland Voice Solutions


Victoria Helland Account Services Coordinator

Victoria is a Missouri native who’s made her home in Minneapolis and in the hearts of the Voice Solutions team. As a firm believer that challenge drives change, Victoria brings a great sense of motivation to the Voice Solutions Team. While she’s a proponent of hard work, she’d also like to remind you that she’s the kind of person who doesn’t care which way the toilet paper is going on the role, just as long as there’s toilet paper on the role. When she’s not assisting churning out captivating Digital Signage changes or helping to ensure the accounting team encounters nothing but smooth sailing, she’s likely on her next travel adventure, diving into a great book, or biking around Minneapolis.


  • Cassandra Rader Voice Solutions
    Cassandra KUSNNIR

    Marketing Director

  • Craig Brown Voice Solutions
    Craig Brown

    Project Manager

  • Kathy Orner Voice Solutions
    Kathy Orner

    Spa Music Manager

  • Mark Weyandt New
    Mark Weyandt

    Creative & Support Manager

Cassandra Rader Voice Solutions


Cassandra Rader Marketing Director

It’s important to make big impressions, especially when you stand at just 5’ 2”. Making up for lack of height, Cassandra has made it her personal challenge to express and communicate in big ways. Whether through careful copy, hand-crafted music playlists, or by way of captivating imagery, Cassandra believes there are plenty of ways to be visible. A sucker for spur of the moment deadlines, and finding ways to do things more effectively, Cassandra served as a long-time member of the operations team, creating business music playlists and crafting custom on-hold scripts before transitioning to her current marketing-centric role.

Craig Brown Voice Solutions


Craig Brown Project Manager

Craig is a jack-of-all-trades type of guy. From cabling and sound system know-how to computer and networking skills, he has a solution for the stickiest of situations. As he likes to remind us in the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, “If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” Craig doesn’t baulk in the face of a challenge; he runs full-force, no brakes straight into the issue until there’s a bright and shiny solution remaining.

From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Coast, Craig turns tough situations into complete solutions. Manager of System Installation for the Western half of the US requires getting out of the box more than most people are comfortable with. Craig is our go-to guy for research, implementation, digital signage, and new technology solutions.

Kathy Orner Voice Solutions


Kathy Orner Spa Music Manager

Kathy is pretty much a rocket scientist. Actually, she technically is. With a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Kathy is one of our chief problem solvers at Voice Solutions. Every now and then it’s comforting to hear, “It’s not rocket science, but if it was we could handle that too!” When Kathy isn’t finding creative solutions to elusive problems she’s ensuring that each one of Voice Solution’s Spa clients have the perfect spa music each month. That includes proofing spa playlists without falling asleep. This is a feat easier said than done. Trust us, we’ve got some pretty relaxing tunes. As the first employee and longest standing team member at Voice Solutions, Kathy is proud to be a part of our team’s continued growth.

mark W 1


Mark Weyandt Creative & Support Manager

Audio guru, resident dynamo, and digital signage commander; Mark is still endearingly referred to as The Rookie despite the addition of two new employees since his hire. We’re not really sure what that’s all about, but it probably has something to do with beating the boss man at a game or three of cribbage. Mark is the team lead for all on-hold messaging initiatives among many other responsibilities at Voice Solutions. His position at Voice Solutions allows him to exercise his audio engineering savvy alongside his writing and communications skills.

Mark’s upbeat, humble, honest approach to his work consistently yields positive results and positive experiences. When Mark isn’t destroying cribbage contenders you can probably find him in the company of family and friends enjoying the outdoors. Mark is known for his internal battle contemplating the time-old question, “Who rules more? Stevie Wonder or Prince?” The jury is still out.

  • Sara Zeeb Voice Solutions
    Sara Zeeb

    Creative & Support Manager

  • Rebekah Schubert Voice Solutions
    Rebekah Schubert

    Director of Operations & Sales Processes

  • Geoff Bourassa Voice Solutions

    Director of Business Development

  • placeholder male
    Marko Kushnir

    Technical Support Coordinator

Sara Zeeb Voice Solutions


Sara Zeeb Creative & Support Manager

As the newest member of the Voice Solutions team, Sara wastes no time in ensuring there’s a solution for the unexpected. Driven to learn and experience the world, Sara has a unique desire to innovate, create, and discover new ways to achieve goals. This innovative team player also loves enjoying the outdoors with her daughter, studying history, playing MMOs, and happens to be fluent in Spanish-she even knows a little Portuguese and Arabic too! As one of our spa music managers, Sara helps to ensure Voice Solutions customers have exceptional music and messaging service, so they can focus on running their businesses. At Voice Solutions, Sara is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences time and time again!

Rebekah Schubert Voice Solutions


Rebekah Schubert Director of Operations & Sales Processes

When you work with a bunch of creative minds and a few brainiacs, sometimes it’s an absolute necessity to have a shepard around the office. That’s one of a million tasks Rebekah performs at Voice Solutions. Originally hired as a part-time billing team member over 5 years ago, she signed on full-time just one week later. The rest is history. Rebekah is the glue that keeps the team together to ensure proficient, timely results every single time. She is the Keeper of Invoices, Planner of Events, Receiver of Accounts, Quality Control Manager, and all that follows.

Geoff Bourassa Voice Solutions
Geoff Bourassa Director of Business Development

Can’t is not a part of this guy’s vocabulary. Won’t and no aren’t really in there either. Why? Geoff is a “can-do” guy who won’t tire until he finds the perfect answer to the questions that challenge him. He’s set on providing every single client, current and potential, with unparalleled services that add value to their business. Geoff is the one who can’t turn down a challenge, but we aren’t fooled by his after-hours smack talk. We know Geoff is just a competitive guy who’s kind at heart.


Marko Kushnir Technical Support Coordinator

While he may be the newest addition to the Voice Solutions team, Marko is no stranger to making sure that reliability and stability are the cornerstones of any great service team.  Stemming from several years managing programs for individuals with developmental disabilities, Marko knows that every challenge is unique, and thus presents a unique opportunity to tailor a solution specific to the needs of any given situation. In his spare time, Marko can be found scouring the internet for the latest and greatest in musical trends, playing games of all kind, and simply seeking out new things. “Never stop learning” being a personal mantra, Marko will be sure to find the very best way to hurdle whatever roadblocks come your way.

  • Carrie Ruckle
    Carrie Ruckle

    Business Development Manager


Carrie Ruckle Business Development

If you want results, and if you need answers its common knowledge around here that Carrie is your go-to source. Not unlike the rest of the sales team, Carrie’s positive, can-do nature is a major catalyst for successful outcomes and great relationships. With an upbeat persona and even-keeled approach to any challenge, there is little that stands in Carrie’s way of finding the right solution for our clients and our team. Her personal mantra? “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

With a degree in physical education, Carrie is a naturally passionate and competitive spirit. We still haven’t forgotten that time she beat us at the game of bean toss, or that time she beat us at darts, or that time she beat all of us at the cups & sticks tournament…


Voice Solutions production team

The Production Team

Our production department is an integral part of the Voice Solutions experience. From simple statement updates to full message overhauls, our production team is ready to take on the next great project.

Boasting a talented team of production engineers, mixing specialists, and professional voice talent, our production department understands the importance of creating unique, engaging, quality content. Our production team is a creative bunch of individuals with a solution for just about any audio need.

Voice Solutions Tech Team

The Technician Team

We’re proud to boast such a large network of talented technicians and they’re proud to service you!

Our network of qualified technicians span across the entire United States and are ready to meet the specifications of your next installation! Whether it’s a sound masking system, sound system, on-hold set-up or digital media installation, we have the right technician for the job!


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