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C500 Manual PDF

I’m Having Sound Quality Issues

1. First check the cable running from the ZONE 1 potion on the player to your amplifier to ensure a firm connection.

2. Take a look at the bass and treble settings on the amplifier. Too much bass can cause periodic distortion and too much treble can cause your music to sound “tinny.” Too little of either can cause the music to sound “flat.” It is recommended that the bass and treble be set at the median point on your amplifier

3. Next we want to check the volume level on the player. The Playnetwork C500 is optimized to play at an output level between 60-80.

4. First press the down arrow button located on the front of the player until SETUP is displayed. Press ENTER. Press the down arrow again to scroll to SET VOLUME (Players using a second zone for music or on hold message should choose the appropriate zone to adjust, either ZONE 1 or ZONE 2). Press ENTER. Check where the current volume is set.

5. Depending upon the sound quality issue you are having it may be necessary to adjust the volume up or down. To do so, press the CHANGE button. The player may ask for an unlock code which is, using the arrow keys UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, and ENTER. Now simply increase or decrease the volume as needed. Then press DONE.

6. The player will tell you it is setting the volume and jump back to the playback screen. Please note, the player does not make the volume adjustment until the DONE button is pressed and it may be necessary to repeat the above steps.

7.  If this does not solve your sound quality issue please give our team a call at 763-595-8000 and select option 0 for direct assistance.

My Music is Not Playing

1. If the LCD screen is frozen, says “playlist expired” or something similar, contact our team at 763-595-8000 and select option 0.

2. If you can see the music information scrolling on the screen and  you are still not hearing any music, power cycle the music player by unplugging the player, and plugging the player back in and powering the player on.

3.  You’ll also want to check that your amplifier is plugged in, powered on, and that the audio cable is plugged from output 1 on the back of on the player and into the proper input on the amplifier.

4.  If you are still not able to hear your music content, we’ll be happy to assist at 763-595-8000, option 0

My Music Content Seems Stale

Here ara few tips for keeping your content fresh:

We recommend taking a peek at your current playlist selections.A selection heavy with top 40 top hits can be a major cause for repetition due to the limited licensed content provided by top 40 artists’ labels

Ensure that playlists in mix are distinct enough from one another so as to not overlap too much on content.

Finally, the issue could be that your player has gone offline, or is not updating as it should. If you think this is a case or if you have questions, our team of music experts are happy to help make changes, and music recommendations based on your brand, image and goals. You can always give us a call at 763-595-8000, select option 0 or chat with us here online.

My Player is Not Online

C500 Network Requirements PDF

Connection Troubleshooting

1.  If you’re not getting a connection, check to ensure the Ethernet cable is plugged into the Ethernet port on the player and ensure the other end is plugged into an open, numbered port on the correct router.

2. Once you have verified your connection, power the player on and off. The lights by the side of the Ethernet cable on the player should flicker green and amber. No lights indicate no connection and could be anything from a bad Ethernet cable, bad port on the router, or network settings.

3.  At this point, give a friendly voice solutions representative a call to troubleshoot at 763-595-8000, option 0 or feel free to troubleshoot further with this C500 Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Messaging On-Hold and Overhead Messaging

My On-Hold Messaging Is Not Playing PDF

How Do I Load My Messaging?

USB Messaging On-Hold Load Instructions PDF

SD CARD Messaging On-Hold Load Instructions PDF

CD Messaging On-Hold Load Instructions PDF

Changing Message On All Other Players

All other players are updated remotely via network connection, or you may own equipment that has not been supplied by Voice Solutions which may have unique specifications. If you have specific questions about loading your player’s content, please call us at 763-595-8000, select option 0

How Do I Change My Messaging?

Simply fill out an update request here and we will get back to you with all the information you might need. You can also chat with us here online or call 763-595-8000 and select option 0 for support.

Billing Q & A

Q:   When do I start getting billed for service?

A:  Service billing begins upon installation completion.


Q:    When do I pay for equipment?

A:   In general, payment for sound system and sound masking equipment is due upon ordering.


Q:  What are your billing cycles?

A:  Our standard billing cycle is every 3 months, but we also offer monthly and annual billing for clients on automatic payments.


Q:   Do you offer automatic payments?

A:  Yes, we offer auto payment from all major credit cards, or we can directly withdraw from your bank account.


Q:   Can I sign up or change my auto payment information online?

A:  At this time, you need to call in to update your information.


Q:   Can I make a payment online?

 A:  For your security, this is not available at this time. You must call in and a payment can be made over the phone. There is no fee for this.


Q:   How much does shipping cost?

A:  Shipping costs vary depending on the destination, # of packages, and weight of the package(s). Because shipping costs can vary, we do not quote them as we want to provide each client with the accurate amount to be paid.


Q:  Do I pay for my entire installation up front?

A:  No. Half of the installation cost is due upfront, the second half is due upon completion.


Q:   Do you charge late fees?

A:  We do not charge late fees, however, we do reserve the right to disconnect service for non-payment. Notification letters are sent out prior to this happening.


Q:    Do invoices have to be mailed?

A:  Typically, all invoices are emailed, but mail is an option if that is preferred.




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