Voice Solutions powered by Spectrio is the premier provider of sensory marketing services for business. In store music, message on hold services, digital signage and software, sound masking and more— whatever you need, we’ve got one goal in mind: making your environment speak for itself.

Our Services

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In Store Music Voice Solutions
IN STORE Music (Business & Spa)

Hundreds of playlists, multiple programs, and top-notch equipment to amplify your brand with licensed in store music. LEARN MORE

Messages On Hold Voice Solutions
MessagES On HOlD & Overhead

Custom message on-hold and in-store overhead message productions tailor-made to meet your brand standards and marketing efforts. LEARN MORE

Digital Signage Solutions Voice Solutions
Digital Signage & Digital Media

Brilliant. Moving. Digital. Ignite sales and move customers with comprehensive, affordable digital signage software & digital media services. LEARN MORE

Hosted IP Phone Systems Voice Solutions
Hosted IP Phone Systems

Ditch the landline, stay connected, and say hello to savings with feature-rich phone system options scalable to your exact business needs. LEARN MORE

Sound Masking Voice Solutions
Sound Masking & Sound Systems

Create optimal sound at the optimal price with custom sound systems or create more peaceful, secure, productive environment with sound masking. LEARN MORE

Techs and Support Voice Solutions
Technicians & Support

Professional, trained technicians, and low-cost service plans are just the beginning when Voice Solutions coordinates the installation of any service. LEARN MORE


In STORE Music for Business

Music moves us; it inspires us, it evokes emotion, it sets a mood. In fact, music is one of the most dynamic ways to communicate your business’ brand and image and connect to your target market without breathing a single word. That’s some pretty powerful stuff.
Our team of business music experts have curated thousands of licensed songs in nearly every genre from top 40 hits and classic oldies to the up-and-coming hits of tomorrow. We’ve created hundreds of playlists, and several unique, in-store business music programs specifically designed to amplify your brand and elevate your customer’s experience.

We’re ready to supply you with licensed music for your business, so you don’t have to worry about hefty legal fees… ever. We’ve got great music for businesses in an array of industries from restaurants & stores to offices, spas, clinics, & more!

Major Label

Our partnership with major content curators means we’ve got a wealth of major label content across nearly every genre imaginable, featuring your favorite top 40 artists and your nostalgic hits.


Music defines your business environment. Ask about how Voice Solutions creates custom in-store music programs for branded experiences.


We update our client’s content every month. No exceptions.


Our team of business music experts will help you craft the perfect program and they’re ready to help you with any questions you might have. We’re even ready to support you after hours.


Want to be in control of your music? Don’t want to lift a finger? We’ve got you! We’ll create a program to perfectly suit your needs.


Licensed Spa Music

We believe the spa environment is a haven, where bodies are put at ease and a peaceful state of mind can be achieved. That’s why our team of licensed spa music specialists have independently curated a diverse selection of extensive licensed spa playlists; each with a specific spa environment in mind.

Listen to our library of distinct spa and massage music playlists, designed to meet your unique spa personality, and see why Voice Solutions’ Licensed Spa Music is the preferred choice of spas and salons across the nation:

Get Started with Spa Music

Change Your Existing Spa Music


Message On Hold & in store Message Services

Messages On Hold and In-Store Messaging are proven to increase sales and enhance branding initiatives. Think of it as having your own personal associate dedicated to enhancing the experience of every single customer, 24/7, without fail. It's point of sale advertising at its finest. Messages On Hold and In-Store Messaging services are critical elements of any advertising and marketing initiative and are easily integrated into ongoing campaigns.
  • In-Store Messaging
  • MessagEs On Hold
  • Message Creation Process

Whether you want to share information about new product lines, upcoming sales, or employment opportunities; in-store messaging from Voice Solutions is a point of sale advertising service specifically tailored to influence your customers purchasing decisions at the point of purchase while enhancing experience - it’s like having your own branded radio station!


-More than 40% of U.S. Primary household shoppers who recall hearing retail audio ads made an unplanned purchase after hearing an overhead message. *2005 Arbitron Retail Media Study

-36% of the same shoppers have purchased a different brand from the one they originally intended after hearing a retail audio commercial or promotional announcement. *2005 Arbitron Retail Media Study

We believe that every interaction with your customer is a valuable opportunity to reinforce your brand and identity while sharing important information. Silence on-hold says a lot more than you’d like it to, so greet your callers with engaging, entertaining messages on hold. You’ll reap the benefits of higher call retention, increased sales, and a happier customer with message on hold service from Voice Solutions.

  • 70% of business calls are placed on hold for an average of 45 to 60 seconds
  • 60% hang up when they hear silence on-hold
  • 30% of those that hang up never call back
  • Message on hold services increase on-hold caller retention by 40%
  • Increase sales 16-20%
  • 85% of callers prefer on-hold messaging to silence or music

The Voice Solutions messaging team works with you in a consultative manner to understand your current marketing and branding efforts to create a spot-on message on hold or in-store messaging campaign in order to create a fully comprehensive point-of-sale advertising strategy.

A custom program is then created specifically for your business including the following:

  • Analysis of current brand, image, and overall marketing strategy
  • Establishment of production schedule as a complement to ongoing and upcoming strategic marketing efforts
  • Development of custom message library or script
  • Finalization of production: scripts are recorded with professional voice talent and mixed with licensed music


Digital signage and digital media are all about visual momentum, and Voice Solutions is ready to give you a push in the right direction with one of the most comprehensive digital media and digital signage software suites on the market.
Digital media and digital signage gives businesses the visual velocity to meet nearly any need in powerfully dynamic ways.  
Check out our sister company, Digital Clinic, focused on providing medical, dental, and costmetic-centered digital signage services. Recently acquired by Voice Solutions, Digital Clinic provides robust digital capabilities like all Voice Solutions signage services.
Check it all out right here
Go Digital with Voice Solutions
Proven ROO/ROI
Stunning Content
Simplistic Integration
Endless Implementation Possibilities
Social Media Accessible

Hosted IP Phone Systems

Hosted IP Phone System
Your phone system doesn’t have to be complicated. VoIP is quickly becoming the phone system standard for business communications. With a myriad of functions that surpass the traditional analog system, hosted IP phone systems allow businesses to enhance the customer experience while streamlining business operations.
With Hosted IP phones from Voice Solutions in partnership with Vonage, you get the most reliable, feature-rich, business phone system imaginable. Instantly. All for one low monthly fee. You can even keep your current phone number when you make the switch. Check out these sweet features:
Go Digital with Voice Solutions
Eliminate Hassles

No complex equipment to set up or maintain.


Save. No equipment leasing fees to pay each month and save 50-80% off your monthly phone service.

Infinitely Scalable

Add more users instantly with just a phone call.

Reduce Costs

Ditch your landline bill, ditch the costly equipment.

Easy install

Plug in your phones and call it a day!

No experts required

No need to hire additional technical staff.

Pick Up and Go

Use your hosted IP phone system anywhere.

Smartphone Apps

Get the most out of your hosted IP phone on the move!


Find the rate & equipment that works best for you


Commercial Sound Systems

It’s not just about the sound. It’s about HOW it sounds.
Sound quality is an important element of delivering the perfect audio experience for your environment. Voice Solutions designs, installs, and completes your sound system with purpose. Retrofits and new builds alike, our team carefully consults with business owners, contractors, and floor plans to create the most effective sound system for your specific needs, plus we have a pretty sweet install crew.
Here’s How:

From speakers and volume controls to paging devices and amplifiers, we’ve got the sound system equipment you need.

We offer unparalleled warranties.

We offer affordable service plans for equipment and installations.

We scour the market to offer competitive sound system installation rates.

Amplify the Sound of Your Business


Sound Masking for Business

Poor acoustics and loud distractions are a primary cause for lost productivity and uncomfortable work environments. Sound Masking, often referred to as white noise is an affordable way to increase productivity, drown out those noisy neighbors, create a relaxing environment, and be HIPAA compliant.
Reduce stress by


Decrease distractions by


Increase focus by


Our talented team of sound masking (white noise) specialists are trained to help address the areas most affected by internal and external noise. Using a system of carefully targeted speaker placement and carefully calculated decibel levels, our team deploys sound masking to create a more unified, quiet environment

Get started with your peaceful environment


Scent & Aroma Marketing for Business

Businesses across industries are utilizing scent and fragrance to create unique, tangible, motivating, and memorable environments. After all, the sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions and plays a significant role in memory. Proven to increase sales, enhance mood, and create emotional responses, scent marketing is an integral element in creating a more authentic, unforgettable, branded atmosphere for businesses across industries.
Even Scent Distribution Voice Solutions

Scent is distributed evenly and subtly via our programmable cold-air, atomizing diffusers. No overwhelming, overpowering scents. Just crisp, balanced aroma.

Custom Scents by Voice Solutions

We’ve created hundreds of unique scents, each with a mood, impression, or effect in mind. We work with you to find the best scent for your location based on objectives, client base, and brand identity. Our team can even create custom scents just for you!

Hypo-allergenic Scents by Voice Solutions

Our scents are hypo-allergenic, oil-based scents that comply with the highest level of safety and regulation standards set forth under provisions of the United States and European Union laws.

Scent Made Easy by Voice Solutions

For one monthly fee we provide you with the best diffuser system and scent for your need so you can easily get subtle, environment-enhancing scent when and where you need it.


Scent of smell hardwired in brain

Our sense of smell is the only sense directly hard-wired to our limbic system which controls memory and emotion.

We react emotionally to scent before we even identify the name of a particular scent.

Ambient Scent

Ambient scent has the strongest impact on enhancing consumer behavior.

In terms of cognitive, emotional, evaluation, willingness to return, and purchasing intention ambient scent has the strongest impact on consumer behavior compared to any other atmospheric variables.

Scent in Advertising

In 2012, Advertising Age identified use of scent in advertising as one of the top 10 marketing trends to watch

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